Charles, God has a purpose for your life!


On October 24th, 2010 my husband, Charles Edwards and a few of his friends decided to step out, and go to a bar. When they arrived to the bar which was called “IZZY’S”. He saw some of his friends he played football with as they were parking. He was a star football player at Methodist University.

As him and his friends got out of the car they heard arguing and walked up and asked what was going on because he saw some of his foot ball buddies there. Conflict had started outside of the club with a few of the football players and other college football students from Campbell university. The conflict turned into a physical fight. Everyone tried to break the guys up before things escalated. 

A guy hops out of his car with his gun raised, he says “Back away from my boy”. Another guy walks up to him and bucks at him, he said “Put that gun away, you’re not going to do anything with it”. The “boy” with the gun decided to shoot one round in the air with his eyes closed. The one who bucked at him took off running and when the guy opened his eyes and saw the man running, he let off more rounds in the air. 

During this time, Charles was down beside a car out of sight. After the guy emptied his gun he then jumps in his car where his friends were waiting and they pull off.  Charles jumps up and takes off to his car with his friends. While the suspect was pulling off a truck crashes them, trying to prevent the vehicle from leaving.

Well That pissed him off pretty good, now he pulls out the gun again (which he had to have reloaded the gun) He started shooting again from the back seat. By this time, Charles is almost to his car and he feels a tap on his back. Yes, a tap is what he told me. His adrenaline was so high that he couldn’t feel it, but there were two girls in his eye distance that were staring at him with their eyes wide and mouth open in shock. He then realized he was shot. 

His friend/brother, Karl sped him to Cape Fear hospital running red lights and everything in hopes to saving his life. His other brother/bestfriend, Kevin was in the car with him also with another young lady Taylarann. They were all trying to keep him calm and telling him, “Breaatheee, it’s going to be okay.. we’re almost there” 


untitled2.pngWhen he got to the hospital, he had to undergo surgery. The bullet traveled and hit major organs such as his lungs, Liver, Gallbladder, and his kidneys.  His heart had stopped. The doctors had to massage his heart to make it function as it was suppose to. This man fought for his life, and he was an innocent bystander. He had no problems with anyone and was loved by everyone. He was only 19 years old. Can you imagine his mother getting a phone call that her ONLY son was shot?? 

Two days later October 26, 2010 the suspect was wanted for the shooting of three victims. (One being Charles) Thank God, none of the victims lost their lives that night. I’m happy to inform you that he is still incarcerated. 🙂 #JusticeToBeServed (Public Records)


Tonya, his mother did deal with lots of depression along with his father Willis. This was a difficult time for the entire family. The doctors told them it was a 50/50 chance that he would survive from this tragedy. 

Here’s a picture of the actual bullet that was in him. They did not remove the bullet until 2017, due to the fact that he was in such critical stance they needed to do what was needed and move forward for progress. The bullet was not life threatening at the time, he had to have his other organs repaired. 


Yes, you see correctly. It’s a 45 HOLLOW POINT bullet. Look at God. This very bullet could’ve killed my husband. I thank God for saving his life. A hollow point bullet is an expanding bullet that has a pit or hollowed out shape. 

As he began to get better, Halloween approached and his mom and dad needed to brighten the mood. His father went out and got him a police badge as his Halloween costume. He was “The new sheriff in town”. 


During his recovery process, he had to rebuild his lungs back to normal. When would stand up and lose his breath so walking was very difficult. They had him walking the halls, and stairs to rebuild the strength back to his lungs. 


With the help of amazing doctors, and staff. God spared his life.  He is now serving in the armed forces with a beautiful family by his side. He was married two years later 2012, went on his first deployment in 2013, and celebrated the birth of his first son, Charles Jr in 2015. Then in 2017 he celebrated the birth of another baby boy Carter Edwards. 



7 years later, Charles would like for you to listen to what he has to say about this: 

Click on the following link…


Why I decided to Blog…

I decided to Blog because there is ALWAYS something to talk about. I mean seriously, I have a 2 year old and a 1 month old. My life defined in one word is “BUSY”. These little minions have me on my toes 24/7. For example, today my 2 year old decided to take a hiding spot and poop in a corner (He’s potty training). When my husband and I found him, he yelled “NO!” So…. of course I grabbed my phone to begin recording this moment. This little minion pointed his finger and said “No Pictures mommy”. I mean, this two year old really wanted his privacy. My one-month old, he’s a chill, laid back baby… UNLESS of course he’s hungry then he’s like screaming non stop until he latches on my breast (He’s breast fed). Don’t get me wrong, I love breastfeeding… But jeez… Can I have a moment alone with my boobs? Oh! We cant forget about my standard poodle “Bella”. She is all souped ’bout having a new baby in the house.. every chance she gets, she is licking my babys’ head. NO MA’AM… This is my child I will clean him myself, thank you. She’s a sweet heart though. My husband… This is another subject… I know, I know I wont bore you with a long love story! But i’ll tell you… That’s my rock. He helps me out as much as he can with the babies. I have about 15 minutes to enjoy my shower, do my hair and make up, and get dressed before he’s looking for me. lol not 15 minutes literally… but it feels like it. I’m also in school for my bachelors degree in Science for psychology. I should be done with it next year! Well, this sums it up for today… I’m hoping to write every day, but for sure twice a week. I know that’s a big gap, but hey! Parenting is tough. lol

How is being a STAY AT HOME MOM HARD?


Photo from left to right: Carter, Mommy, Charles JR

Hmmm. This topic in particular is touchy to some folk, and i’ll try my best not to step on toes because that’s not my intention. However………………………..

Yeah, you may think “Man she stays at home with her kids all day, why is she tired?” or “She complains about staying in the comfort of her home and being able to watch all of her children’s milestones” or the famous “Why isn’t her house spotless, she doesn’t work”..

Hi, i’m Jade Edwards a stay at home mom. Let me answer these concerns with my opinions. Okurrrrt (Cardi B voice)… I’m always tired because I do not get that 15 minute smoke break you get (I don’t smoke)… Oh and that hour lunch you get to yourself, enjoying your meal in peace watching the birds fly in the sky etc…. Nope, I don’t get that. Instead during my lunch, I make lunch plates for my children …. but they still attack me for my lunch plate and I end up having to share with them…. Because come on… I cant decline those cute faces standing there with their mouth open wide yelling “AHHHHHHHH PLEASE MOMMY I WANT SOME”… 🙂 Let make this clear, I don’t COMPLAIN about being a stay at home mom. I know that I am truly blessed to be able to stay at home with my kids and teach them what I want them to know, and how I want them to be raised. It’s a blessing, I will admit that. What I complain about is the “ME” time and how people belittle the stay at home “job”.. yes I said job. It’s hard work.

“hArD wOrK?”

Yes! Haha, you think I just sit at home and watch them grow up and it’s such a beautiful thing (It is) … however…. that’s not all a stay at home mom does. We don’t get to return these kids when we’re tired of them. My one year old is growing 6 new teeth at ONE time… You think I get sleep at night? No.. Because it HURTS… I know his pain.. He stays up at night tossing and turning then he wakes up from his crib and he wants comfort because he’s hurting and all of a sudden these sharp things are coming out of his gums. BUT, guess who is up bright eyed with a bushy tail at 7:30 am ready to play? CARTER (My one year old)… So even though he had a rough night kept me up until 5:15 am I still have to get up and parent/adult. Change diapers, brush teeth, make breakfast… shower myself etc. Oh and then theres nap time….


Hahaha… The funny thing about that is, when the children are napping its when mommy gets things done.. like the loads of laundry, or since im a college student I will study/ research or do homework.. Oh lets not forget about picking up toys, cleaning dishes etc the regular daily cleaning that needs to be done… THATS WHY I CAN’T JUST NAP WHILE THEY NAP 🙂 ….



Welll wellll well….. aren’t you a smart one.

(NOT)… I’m not complaining about being a mother. I enjoy being a mother. I enjoy staying at home with my babies. But, a break here and there… Maybe a little adult interaction… and no, I don’t mean the adults on youtube singing ” Baby Shark”….



My babies are the joy of my life. I have an amazing husband who helps me when he is not on an army field rotation mission every other month for a month. I enjoy cleaning up after my children, feeding them, taking care of them and grooming them and showing them off. I know that I am truly blessed to be a stay at home mom.

I made this blog to inform others, don’t think stay at home moms have it easy. We don’t have it easy, BY A FAR. 🙂



Your girl Jade Edwards

Peace & Wine


Forgive and Let GO.

You can forgive people when you understand them..

You need to make a distinction between weakness and wickedness.

Some things that people do aren’t intended to hurt you, they hurt themselves and you were a victim of their weakness.

Its arrogant of you to act like you have no weakness of your own…

MAKE A DISTINCTION BETWEEN WEAKNESS AND WICKEDNESS, then you will understand that you cannot afford not to be forgiven.

Now let me go to the bible:

Matthew 5:7 Says, Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain MERCY.

When you ask for mercy, you have to understand that you’re guilty.

If I accuse you of something you did not do, in court you want justice.

You pray for justice.

If I accuse you of something you did do, in court you want mercy.

You pray for Mercy.

EVERYONE know they’re guilty of something…

Yet, you’ve received Mercy.


Your reason for not being forgiving of all things is because they’re guilty…

So are you.


Identify your Friends…

There are three basic types of friends you will come across in life: Confidants, Constituents, and Comrades.


These are friends who are there for you no matter what. They will love you unconditionally, whether you’re up or down, right or wrong – they are there. They are in for the long haul. If you get in trouble, they’ll get in trouble with you or they’ll come see you in the jail house. They’ll even come rescue you out of a crack house! These are confidants, you can open up and share ANYTHING with them.

The problem with most people is that no one in their circle can feed them, mentally or physically, so they are forever feeding people who can’t/won’t feed them! After years of giving and feeding them, you will inevitably become drained. You have to have somebody that can feed you sometimes, so you can feed somebody else.

That’s where the confidant comes in. They are for you and they are with you. They are intimately intertwined in your life. They are there to make sure you reach your destiny. They will celebrate your achievements, they will confront you when you’re wrong, and they will keep your secrets…..BECAUSE THEY ARE CONFIDANTS. If you have had 2 or 3 of them in your life you are BLESSED!


These people are not really into you but they are into what you are for. They are for what you are for – they are your constituents. As long as you are what they are for, they will walk with you and work with you. But, never think they are for YOU. They are for what you are FOR and sometimes what you have to offer. You have to know this because if they meet someone else that will further their agenda….. they will leave you and hook up with them because they were NEVER for YOU!!!! They were just FOR what you are FOR. You have to be careful, especially if you’re broken, because you can mistake a CONSTITUENT for a CONFIDANT.


These people are not for you, nor are they for what you are for.. It’s just that they are against what you are against. They will team up to fight with you to help fight a bigger enemy. But don’t get it twisted, they are only with you until its over. These people are like scaffolding. They come into your life for a purpose and when the purpose is complete the scaffolding is removed. But don’t be upset when they are removed because the building always remains there.

EXPECT the constituents and the comrades to leave you and desert you after a while. Don’t be upset when they don’t react to your dream the way you expected them to because they were NEVER really with you in the first place. BE CAREFUL who you tell your dreams to, because if you tell your dreams to your constituents they will desert you and try to fulfill the dream without you. If you tell it to your comrades, they wont support it because they were never for what you were for anyways.

Here’s how you can identify people who are really for you: If they are really for you, they will weep with you when you weep, and they will rejoice when you rejoice. If you walk into a room with good news STOP BEING HAPPY FOR A MINUTE and watch their reaction. If they are not happy for you, SHUT YOUR MOUTH AND WALK OUT OF THAT ROOM, because if they were really for you they would be happy when you share your good news.


Don’t worry about the people he took. Be happy about the people he sent.


Signs you’re dealing with a GROWN MAN…

Are you dealing with a grown man or a grown boy?

We always talk about ladies…

Is she a “thot” or a woman?

…Let’s talk about men…

If you’re dealing with a man, he’s going to help you out when he can. Not just when you’re unable to or need him to. ANYTIME he can …. Not just splurging and being financially irresponsible and trying to “buy your love”. I’m talking about if the grass needs cut, if the gas needs pumped, if you need groceries taken in the house. That’s the kind of stuff we like to see.

You can do all these little things yourself right? But what good is another spectator? Relationships and dating is team work right? So what grown man do you know is cool with just sitting in the stands and watching you while you do all the work?




FOR EXAMPLE: Cellulite, stretch marks, bonnets, you haven’t shaved in a little while…. haha i’m sure you’re reading this like “Oh no, you’re tripping” but listen… If you’re 10/10 mentally… shouldn’t you have some lead way for some physical imperfection?

When you’re a grown man, you understand some things occur naturally with age or kids or maybe she’s just to busy to want to start from scratch doing her hair in the mornings. BTW: This doesn’t mean the woman has let herself go. Just give her a break sometimes.

It’s only little boys who think women should be fresh out the plastic wrapper with their hair done 24/7, skin perfect, breast perfect, body perfect. It doesn’t work like that, homeboy.



Another thing…

If you get mad at your man, and he stays calm.. YOU PROBABLY HAVE YOURSELF A GROWN MAN. If you get loud and he gets loud, and you get a littler louder and he gets a little louder and he matches your emotions.. You’re dealing with a grown boy.

A man shouldn’t be in screaming match with a woman, for all that she could date her sister. A man should compliment her energy not mirror it.

A grown man is someone you can see yourself with for a long time and see yourself raising a child with potentially. Not someone that makes you feel like you need help raising HIM.


Ask yourself again… Are you dealing with a Grown Man or Grown Boy?

5 things they don’t mention after giving birth:

1. Your hair may fall out….

That’s right, that beautiful long hair you grew during pregnancy could fall out. I was 2 month pp and combing my hair in the shower, when I realized my comb was filling up with hair. I googled everything that night, I cried a little. It was like Cinderella came back looking for her glass slipper, except she took my hair. Some people have this happen during their pregnancy.

2. Oh the first bowel movement after giving birth….

Jesus take the wheel. It’s like giving birth to another baby. I’m not over exaggerating. Other mothers should be able to relate. With my first I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I was so scared, I called my grandmother and she gave me courage to get it over with. Then with my second baby, you can’t foooool me! After I had him… I already knew… so, I procrastinated. The doctors threw stool softeners at me because I expressed that I was afraid. I didn’t want to rip my….. you know. Lol. I honestly think this is the worst part after giving birth. This happens whether you have a csection or vaginal birth.

3. Pregnancy Brain….

Man, I’ll tell you this… pregnancy brain happens even after you have a baby. My opinion is, it happens until your child is one years old. Ive given myself a master degree in “google search”. Multiple times, I have went into the grocery store to get groceries… I come back out to find my car, I’m digging through my purse to find my keys… having a panic attack, and I finally find my car without the keys…. Well, there’s my car… fully running with the keys in ignition. Yup. I just did an hour of shopping.

4. You might have trouble breastfeeding.

It’s like a job. The main thing I see people get irritated with is that their “real” milk hadn’t come in yet. Don’t worry, your babies tummy is about the size of a nickel those first few days. The first few days of milk is call colostrum. It’s a thick rich “pre-milk”. Your baby will cluster feed, but hang in there. Pop that boob right in the mouth and get ‘er done. Also, your nipples can crack. Boy does that hurt. Many creams to prevent that, however, you can squirt a little of your milk out and rub around your nipp.

5. Hard boobs!

Oh yes. I know, you’re thinking nice perky boobs… yes, yes and yes. But with PAIN. This is called engorgement. You may feel this sooner if you’re not planning on breastfeeding. Your milk ducts fill completely up. It’s like your boobs are about to burst. Don’t be surprised if milk squirts through your shirt. The pain goes under your armpit also. You can see the veins in your breast.

The good part is:

In the end, you have a beautiful healthy baby that depends solely on you. You get to raise this child how you want to. This baby will call you “mommy”. It’s a blessing, even with all 5 of those things I’m sort of happy to be able to experience it and actually have babies.

Porcha’s Sickle Cell Awareness


On July 21st, 1990 a beautiful princess was born. The parents decided to name her Porcha Simone. Little did they know, that beautiful princess with the head full of hair was born with the Sickle Cell Anemia Disease. This is not contagious, at all. Sickle Cell is a disease passed down through families in which the red blood cells form an abnormal sickle. Red Blood Cells carry oxygen to the body and are normally shaped like a disc.

2 weeks after bringing their princess home, the parents received a phone call of horrifying news. Their beautiful baby girl inherited the Sickle Cell Anemia Disease.


Although her first crisis wasn’t until she reached the age of 5, she was not hospitalized until the age of 7. At 5 years old, this young lady experienced pain crises in her arms. Not enough to get hospitalized, because she was a trooper when it came to pain.


At 7 years old, she had her first hospitalization due to her spleen swelling and she also had to have a blood transfusion. Can you imagine your 7 year old getting a blood transfusion? NO! But, she remained a trooper in the during the time. Shortly after, she had to have a splenectomy at 8 years old, which she gained a stomach ulcer afterwards. She developed sleep apnea and asthma all before the age of 9.

Each season she suffers from pain crisis. Major weather changes such as rain, storm, thundering etc. her body suffers to adjust.


At the age of 12 she had her gallbladder removed.

But, let me tell you. This child did not like to show her pain. You could not tell she was in pain if you didn’t know her. She would play it off so well just to fit in with everyone else and not be isolated from everyone. She knew if she showed even an inch of pain, her mother would have her guzzle down a bunch of Gatorade to make sure she was well hydrated, and make her sit out from activities that she clearly wanted to be apart of…untitled3.png

I’m sorry Porcha, your health is much more important.

She had her tonsils and adenoids removed by 11 years old. She also developed acute chest syndrome and almost experienced death. She fought that battle and beat it, another win under her belt. She was such a great fighter in a little body.


By the time she was almost complete with high school, she had been hospitalized for so many days that she fell so far behind and teachers were not understanding. The pain medicine and the long hospital stays, she was behind all of he classmates and they held her back a grade.

Porcha quit high school. But she didn’t stop there…. She gained her high school diploma at a job corps and also became a CNA shortly after being held back.

UNC Chapel Hill saved her life multiple times. One of her long stays at the UNC chapel hill hospital. They gave her a photoshoot and reminded her on how beautiful she was on the outside of all the pain she endured.


As she grew older, the fight grew a little tougher each time. Her body got weaker, and she’s had more blood transfusions. Within the past two years, she has been near a death situation at the hospital multiple times leaving her family worried sick. Each time she came out on top!!!! #Winning


Today in 2017, Porcha Simone is full of joy. Living life to the absolute fullest. She is 27 years old, and loved by so many. This happens to be my older sister. She’s one of the strongest people I know. When I think of strength, I think of her. I’m 3 years younger than her. Growing up it wasn’t easy seeing my older sister go through this. Especially since I was her little shadow. Everywhere she went, I wanted to be right there. She got no privacy from me. 🙂 I was that annoying sister. I admired her, and I still do.





Dear Porcha,

Please never give up. I’ve seen you fight through so much, I know you can win any battle that comes your way. You’re loved by many. When you’re around you bring great joy and laughter to us all. Please never quit fighting. LOVE YOU!






My experience: Csection

2.pngI gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Charles Alexander. He was born via cesarean, due to me having Placenta previa. He could not come down the birthing canal. 

We were scheduled to be at the hospital at 6am to start the process. My family and I were so excited everyone piled in cars by 5am and we were headed to the hospital to meet our baby boy. 

When we got there, I had goose bumps all over. As we reached the 3rd floor, the elevator dinged and it was time to get off and head to the nurses desk. Listen, I was SCARED! My husband checked in for me, they called me back.. They gave me a gown and they immediately started hooking me up to IV’s and lots of needles (What it felt like). 

After I got all hooked up, my family members came back in sets of twos to give me words of encouragement. Which definitely made me even more nervous. 

Finally, it’s time. The nurses came in and gave my husband a mask, and clothing to cover up with along with head gear. 

charles.pngHe was excited and ready to meet his boy. Before I knew it, I was being pushed down the hall in my bed and into a VERY cold room. I mean this room was sooo cold, it was like I was in a freezer. They said it was to keep germs away. The doctors made my husband sit outside of the room while they began to give me the epidural to start process. I was sooo afraid, I had heard stories if I were to move I could become paralyzed. So I was extremely still. I cried a little. After the epidural the nurses moved me on a table where the procedure would start. It was soo cold. The epidural started to kick in. I began to feel my toes tingling. It started going up my leg, then my hips and before I knew it, I couldn’t move my arms. I panicked at first. They assured me it was normal. 

Before they allowed my husband to come in with me, they wanted to go ahead a cut me to make sure I couldnt feel anything. Well, I FELT THE FIRST INCISION. I jumped, they apologized and waited a little longer. Second attempt was a success. They let my husband come in and sit by my head. Of course, I’m looking at him scared an tears came. He’s like ” Baby can you feel what they’re doing? What’s wrong.” I gave him the silliest answer, “I don’t know, I’m scared” He then said,” It’s okay, everything’s going to be fine”. I felt a little better. 

After about 10 minutes, the Doctors look over the curtains at me and say, ” You’re going to feel lots of pressure, are you ready?” I’m thinking, “NO!” But I nodded, “Yes”. 

Sure enough, LOTS of pressure comes. It took my breath for a second. They were pulling out my Charlie. He came out screaming! He was born at 9:01am. My husband looks over the curtain and says “Does he have any hair?” I’m looking at him like, “Are you serious? That’s the question you have? How about does he have two hands and two feet…”

They allowed my husband to go over and cut the cord, and give him his first bath. As i am laying there alone. Still trying to put a cute little face with the little cry I heard. One of the nurses asked if we wanted a pic.

meetingMy husband brought him over to meet me finally. By this time, they boosted my medication up, so I was a little out of it. I remember seeing a cute little face. It was so amazing. The way my husband was looking at him, made me fall in love with him even harder.

They gave me about 2 minutes with them, then my husband had to leave. They took him and Charlie to the recovery room (where I was going after they sewed me back up). Meanwhile, all of my family got to meet my Charlie and held him before I did.


During the process, I went code blue. I lost to much blood and they began to move really fast. One of the nurses reported this to my husband. Which my husband then started panicking, he didn’t know whether he should tell my nervous family or if he should keep it to himself. He kept it to himself, he was anxious to get updates. After they were taking longer than what they told him it would be,  he began to question nurses again. They assured him that the bleeding was under control and that I was fine now.  He told me, that was the scariest moment he’s had in a while. My family began to question my husband, “What’s taking so long?” He assured them that I was fine and i’d be out soon. 

FINALLY, the procedure was OVER! I’m all sewed up and ready to hold my baby. I was so exhausted from the loss of blood. When I got the recovery room I still could not feel my legs at all. My husband didn’t want to let me hold my baby. But of course, I insisted. So he helped me. 

firsthold'.pngThis was one of the best moments EVER! He was so sweet and tiny. Weighing in at 5 pounds 6 ounces and 19 inches long. My Charles Alexander Edwards JR. We stayed in the hospital for 4 whole days, to make sure I could walk again. By day 3, I was out of the bed and walking, ready to go home. We had many visitors to meet this precious boy!



Special Thank You to the special people who got up at 5am to meet this little boy, and support me before delivery: 

Charlene (My mommy), Charese (Charlies God Mother/Auntie), Uncle Pat Pat (Uncle/Godfather), Alisa (Aunt/Godmommy), Debra J. (My auntie), Elsie (Granny) & Marvis (My daddy) and Charles SR (MY ROCK & HUBBY)

This is a day i’ll never forget and I thank you all! 



It’s not a loss, it’s a gain…

To the moms that are struggling conceiving… Don’t worry, God makes no mistakes. Even though in our heart, we feel it’s a mistake… fear not, Gods got a plan for you. To the moms who keep miscarring or lost a child. Know that you did not lose, you gained a Guardian Angel. Your baby will not be forgotten. You will have your rainbow child if that’s what you desire. A rainbow baby is a baby born after a childloss. It is not a loss, we gain a forever Angel. As a mother, we do not forget. Sometimes, I think about the baby we lost, what I would have named the baby, what life would be if it went differently. I often wonder if other people forgot about my baby. I cry behind closed doors when I’m alone. I still hurt. Am I wrong for still hurting even though I’ve had children after my loss? No. My children now, will never replace the children I’ve lost. Although I love all my babies equally none of them can be replaced. My babies each own a piece of my heart. It is not a loss. It’s a gain. 

Mom of boys

omg! Little boys are one the cutest little humans. But they are GROSS!!! My son could be sitting there looking all cute with his fat cheeks and next thing you know he’s digging for treasures in his nose. I mean the little guy digs so deep, I ask if he needs a tissue he says “no thanks” … 🙄 God forbid the little minion brings me the booger “Here mommy, here” . I’m sitting there looking grossed out like, ohhhhh please don’t touch me with that thing. My 2 year old is VERY affectionate, I’m sure he’s wiped boogers on my 1 month old. He loves giving him kisses and pinching his cheeks etc. so I’m sure he’s eased a boogie on his onesie. (I can’t watch his every move) lol. Don’t get me started on potty training. I could have him sit on the potty for 10 minutes, he does NOTHING… as soon as his little sausage toes touch the ground. He runs and pees on my carpet. *Face Palm* I’ve got to get this under control. BUT for the most part, he’s sweet. He loves grabbing my face and giving me kisses. He will randomly run fulll speed and grab my legs tight for a hug. I love being a mom of boys.