Mom of boys

omg! Little boys are one the cutest little humans. But they are GROSS!!! My son could be sitting there looking all cute with his fat cheeks and next thing you know he’s digging for treasures in his nose. I mean the little guy digs so deep, I ask if he needs a tissue he says “no thanks” … πŸ™„ God forbid the little minion brings me the booger “Here mommy, here” . I’m sitting there looking grossed out like, ohhhhh please don’t touch me with that thing. My 2 year old is VERY affectionate, I’m sure he’s wiped boogers on my 1 month old. He loves giving him kisses and pinching his cheeks etc. so I’m sure he’s eased a boogie on his onesie. (I can’t watch his every move) lol. Don’t get me started on potty training. I could have him sit on the potty for 10 minutes, he does NOTHING… as soon as his little sausage toes touch the ground. He runs and pees on my carpet. *Face Palm* I’ve got to get this under control. BUT for the most part, he’s sweet. He loves grabbing my face and giving me kisses. He will randomly run fulll speed and grab my legs tight for a hug. I love being a mom of boys.

30 thoughts on “Mom of boys”

  1. Lol my lil boy is the same. I call him my sour patch kid. But as soon as I take his diaper off he runs and tries to mark his territory. I’m like ok so let’s try the potty, literally NOTHING! 🀣🀣. Let’s wait until they get older. Hahah. #momsofboys

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  2. You have a beautiful family & your such An inspiration . I just love your personality πŸ’œ Thanks for giving advice because in comes in handy.


  3. Im so proud of the woman you have become honestly its very inspiring and your boys are so adorable! Keep up the great work in being a great mother!


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