My experience: Csection

2.pngI gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Charles Alexander. He was born via cesarean, due to me having Placenta previa. He could not come down the birthing canal. 

We were scheduled to be at the hospital at 6am to start the process. My family and I were so excited everyone piled in cars by 5am and we were headed to the hospital to meet our baby boy. 

When we got there, I had goose bumps all over. As we reached the 3rd floor, the elevator dinged and it was time to get off and head to the nurses desk. Listen, I was SCARED! My husband checked in for me, they called me back.. They gave me a gown and they immediately started hooking me up to IV’s and lots of needles (What it felt like). 

After I got all hooked up, my family members came back in sets of twos to give me words of encouragement. Which definitely made me even more nervous. 

Finally, it’s time. The nurses came in and gave my husband a mask, and clothing to cover up with along with head gear. 

charles.pngHe was excited and ready to meet his boy. Before I knew it, I was being pushed down the hall in my bed and into a VERY cold room. I mean this room was sooo cold, it was like I was in a freezer. They said it was to keep germs away. The doctors made my husband sit outside of the room while they began to give me the epidural to start process. I was sooo afraid, I had heard stories if I were to move I could become paralyzed. So I was extremely still. I cried a little. After the epidural the nurses moved me on a table where the procedure would start. It was soo cold. The epidural started to kick in. I began to feel my toes tingling. It started going up my leg, then my hips and before I knew it, I couldn’t move my arms. I panicked at first. They assured me it was normal. 

Before they allowed my husband to come in with me, they wanted to go ahead a cut me to make sure I couldnt feel anything. Well, I FELT THE FIRST INCISION. I jumped, they apologized and waited a little longer. Second attempt was a success. They let my husband come in and sit by my head. Of course, I’m looking at him scared an tears came. He’s like ” Baby can you feel what they’re doing? What’s wrong.” I gave him the silliest answer, “I don’t know, I’m scared” He then said,” It’s okay, everything’s going to be fine”. I felt a little better. 

After about 10 minutes, the Doctors look over the curtains at me and say, ” You’re going to feel lots of pressure, are you ready?” I’m thinking, “NO!” But I nodded, “Yes”. 

Sure enough, LOTS of pressure comes. It took my breath for a second. They were pulling out my Charlie. He came out screaming! He was born at 9:01am. My husband looks over the curtain and says “Does he have any hair?” I’m looking at him like, “Are you serious? That’s the question you have? How about does he have two hands and two feet…”

They allowed my husband to go over and cut the cord, and give him his first bath. As i am laying there alone. Still trying to put a cute little face with the little cry I heard. One of the nurses asked if we wanted a pic.

meetingMy husband brought him over to meet me finally. By this time, they boosted my medication up, so I was a little out of it. I remember seeing a cute little face. It was so amazing. The way my husband was looking at him, made me fall in love with him even harder.

They gave me about 2 minutes with them, then my husband had to leave. They took him and Charlie to the recovery room (where I was going after they sewed me back up). Meanwhile, all of my family got to meet my Charlie and held him before I did.


During the process, I went code blue. I lost to much blood and they began to move really fast. One of the nurses reported this to my husband. Which my husband then started panicking, he didn’t know whether he should tell my nervous family or if he should keep it to himself. He kept it to himself, he was anxious to get updates. After they were taking longer than what they told him it would be,  he began to question nurses again. They assured him that the bleeding was under control and that I was fine now.  He told me, that was the scariest moment he’s had in a while. My family began to question my husband, “What’s taking so long?” He assured them that I was fine and i’d be out soon. 

FINALLY, the procedure was OVER! I’m all sewed up and ready to hold my baby. I was so exhausted from the loss of blood. When I got the recovery room I still could not feel my legs at all. My husband didn’t want to let me hold my baby. But of course, I insisted. So he helped me. 

firsthold'.pngThis was one of the best moments EVER! He was so sweet and tiny. Weighing in at 5 pounds 6 ounces and 19 inches long. My Charles Alexander Edwards JR. We stayed in the hospital for 4 whole days, to make sure I could walk again. By day 3, I was out of the bed and walking, ready to go home. We had many visitors to meet this precious boy!



Special Thank You to the special people who got up at 5am to meet this little boy, and support me before delivery: 

Charlene (My mommy), Charese (Charlies God Mother/Auntie), Uncle Pat Pat (Uncle/Godfather), Alisa (Aunt/Godmommy), Debra J. (My auntie), Elsie (Granny) & Marvis (My daddy) and Charles SR (MY ROCK & HUBBY)

This is a day i’ll never forget and I thank you all! 



29 thoughts on “My experience: Csection”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful story. He’s absolutely perfect those curls are everything. Also I love your set up of this.


  2. Soooo awesome!!!! Love the whole idea of you doing a blog and it’s so nice that people who have experienced the same thing as you can come and read an amazing story like yours! Keep up the good work.


  3. That was an amazing story. I had an emergency csection so I could definitely relate to some of what you talked about.


  4. This was a great read. Love to hear delivery stories. I can only imagine how scared Charles was. Thanks for sharing.


  5. I love how you build anticipation in your story 🙂 and your husbands smart decision to keep the worrying news to himself to help keep the rest of the family calm.


  6. Wow, I never knew what all you went through but that made you stronger. I had a c-section too. So I know that after feeling lol Keep your stories coming !! 💚


  7. When I had my first c-section I was devastated. I had previously lost a son to full term stillbirth so I was anxious and scared. It’s a blessing you recovered from this major surgery. It’s traumatizing and scary but I’m glad you survived. This is an amazing story.


  8. Jade, your blogs are inspirational and I cannot wait to read more. I follow you on facebook and Instagram. Everything you post is funny and inspirational. Your biblical versus’ along with your daily day to day posts. You are a blessed young woman and I see nothing but greatness coming your way.


  9. Minus the blood loss and feeling the first cut, that’s exactly how mine was. I was so scared and terrified especially when at first I was by myself till my husband came in. And I was SO cold I was shaking they had to put a little hose with heat up near my head. The first thing my husband commented on was also the hair, acknowledging that she had quite a bit of it. It was definitely better then my first child birth experience.


  10. I love your stories Danej’a … Now I’ll be terrified to get a c section if I need it but this was so precious.


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