Charles, God has a purpose for your life!


On October 24th, 2010 my husband, Charles Edwards and a few of his friends decided to step out, and go to a bar. When they arrived to the bar which was called “IZZY’S”. He saw some of his friends he played football with as they were parking. He was a star football player at Methodist University.

As him and his friends got out of the car they heard arguing and walked up and asked what was going on because he saw some of his foot ball buddies there. Conflict had started outside of the club with a few of the football players and other college football students from Campbell university. The conflict turned into a physical fight. Everyone tried to break the guys up before things escalated. 

A guy hops out of his car with his gun raised, he says “Back away from my boy”. Another guy walks up to him and bucks at him, he said “Put that gun away, you’re not going to do anything with it”. The “boy” with the gun decided to shoot one round in the air with his eyes closed. The one who bucked at him took off running and when the guy opened his eyes and saw the man running, he let off more rounds in the air. 

During this time, Charles was down beside a car out of sight. After the guy emptied his gun he then jumps in his car where his friends were waiting and they pull off.  Charles jumps up and takes off to his car with his friends. While the suspect was pulling off a truck crashes them, trying to prevent the vehicle from leaving.

Well That pissed him off pretty good, now he pulls out the gun again (which he had to have reloaded the gun) He started shooting again from the back seat. By this time, Charles is almost to his car and he feels a tap on his back. Yes, a tap is what he told me. His adrenaline was so high that he couldn’t feel it, but there were two girls in his eye distance that were staring at him with their eyes wide and mouth open in shock. He then realized he was shot. 

His friend/brother, Karl sped him to Cape Fear hospital running red lights and everything in hopes to saving his life. His other brother/bestfriend, Kevin was in the car with him also with another young lady Taylarann. They were all trying to keep him calm and telling him, “Breaatheee, it’s going to be okay.. we’re almost there” 


untitled2.pngWhen he got to the hospital, he had to undergo surgery. The bullet traveled and hit major organs such as his lungs, Liver, Gallbladder, and his kidneys.  His heart had stopped. The doctors had to massage his heart to make it function as it was suppose to. This man fought for his life, and he was an innocent bystander. He had no problems with anyone and was loved by everyone. He was only 19 years old. Can you imagine his mother getting a phone call that her ONLY son was shot?? 

Two days later October 26, 2010 the suspect was wanted for the shooting of three victims. (One being Charles) Thank God, none of the victims lost their lives that night. I’m happy to inform you that he is still incarcerated. 🙂 #JusticeToBeServed (Public Records)


Tonya, his mother did deal with lots of depression along with his father Willis. This was a difficult time for the entire family. The doctors told them it was a 50/50 chance that he would survive from this tragedy. 

Here’s a picture of the actual bullet that was in him. They did not remove the bullet until 2017, due to the fact that he was in such critical stance they needed to do what was needed and move forward for progress. The bullet was not life threatening at the time, he had to have his other organs repaired. 


Yes, you see correctly. It’s a 45 HOLLOW POINT bullet. Look at God. This very bullet could’ve killed my husband. I thank God for saving his life. A hollow point bullet is an expanding bullet that has a pit or hollowed out shape. 

As he began to get better, Halloween approached and his mom and dad needed to brighten the mood. His father went out and got him a police badge as his Halloween costume. He was “The new sheriff in town”. 


During his recovery process, he had to rebuild his lungs back to normal. When would stand up and lose his breath so walking was very difficult. They had him walking the halls, and stairs to rebuild the strength back to his lungs. 


With the help of amazing doctors, and staff. God spared his life.  He is now serving in the armed forces with a beautiful family by his side. He was married two years later 2012, went on his first deployment in 2013, and celebrated the birth of his first son, Charles Jr in 2015. Then in 2017 he celebrated the birth of another baby boy Carter Edwards. 



7 years later, Charles would like for you to listen to what he has to say about this: 

Click on the following link…


38 thoughts on “Charles, God has a purpose for your life!”

  1. This is a great read, your testimony Charles. You need to speak on it. I loved the rap also and i’m not a rap head more of a country gal haha


  2. Thank you for sharing such touching story. You two are bless and you have a beautiful family. His parents must be proud of such talented woman he married.


  3. I heard about the shower but I never knew the story. God! is all I can say!WONT HE DO IT! I’m glad he is stronger than ever and didn’t let that incident stop him from living life. And I’m glad you shared his story!

    Now we want y’all love stories 💚 how yall met first met, first say i love you, & etc. Keep it coming !


  4. Charles, god knew what he was doing. He knew that you were going to get shot and you were going to make it through. He knew your purpose was to be a valued soldier, husband and father. Gods hands were wrapped around you this whole time. Blessed be his name!!


  5. This blog gave me chills. I could not imagine my husband going through such tragedy. Please keep blogging, i’m following you and your family. Charles, you have a purpose. Keep putting that music out also.


  6. 😰Oh wow, I remember hearing about this and praying for him. I’m soooo happy everything worked out!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾👏🏾👏🏾


  7. It pissed me off to see the two air heads on the wanted post looking *********. That was the dumbest reasoning to shoot someone. Just is being served.


  8. Charles, your wife is right. You have a purpose. Whether it’s music or the armed forces. God paved your life, he will guide you where he wants you. A hollow point is a serious bullet. Your life could have easily been taken away. You’ve got a strong woman in your corner.


  9. Whats his facebook account his music is fire i’d love to be in touch with him. It shows a lot that he’s able to make a song about something so touching MUCH LOVE MAN


  10. I remember our class posting about this. Said a prayer for a fellow classmate. God makes no mistakes, it is a reason for everything and look at him now! God bless yall!


  11. love love love this amazing story, thank God your husband is still here today , a hollow point! God knew he needed his child here to start a happy family. love yalls life and story


  12. God had more plans for you. You have an amazing wife/blogger to tell your story. It’s out now and there’s nothing but greatness in your life from hear on out. I look forward to more blogs.


  13. A hollow point? Are you serious? Man God had his way with you. The doctors said a 50 50 chance but God had you in his arms the entire time.


  14. Damn fam this is tough. Looking st you on a day to day you could never tell you went through this. It’s funny how God works. You struggled through that and now God got you right. You have a beautiful wife (no disrespect) and two handsome sons, you got it made.


  15. God is so good. The two of you are both such incredible young people. God has brought you both through a lot. I am glad you two get up share the happiest moments together!


  16. I’ve shared this blog so that it can inspire other people. Your wife is right, God has a purpose for you Charles. I think it’s funny your mom and dad still dressed you for Halloween.


  17. Charles I don’t know you, or your wife, but you two are a phenomenal couple. Uplifting each other. Were you two dating during this time?


  18. Tbh I didn’t know this happened to him. He is a walking miracle. He truly has a purpose in life. God bless him. He is very strong.


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