5 things they don’t mention after giving birth:

1. Your hair may fall out….

That’s right, that beautiful long hair you grew during pregnancy could fall out. I was 2 month pp and combing my hair in the shower, when I realized my comb was filling up with hair. I googled everything that night, I cried a little. It was like Cinderella came back looking for her glass slipper, except she took my hair. Some people have this happen during their pregnancy.

2. Oh the first bowel movement after giving birth….

Jesus take the wheel. It’s like giving birth to another baby. I’m not over exaggerating. Other mothers should be able to relate. With my first I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I was so scared, I called my grandmother and she gave me courage to get it over with. Then with my second baby, you can’t foooool me! After I had him… I already knew… so, I procrastinated. The doctors threw stool softeners at me because I expressed that I was afraid. I didn’t want to rip my….. you know. Lol. I honestly think this is the worst part after giving birth. This happens whether you have a csection or vaginal birth.

3. Pregnancy Brain….

Man, I’ll tell you this… pregnancy brain happens even after you have a baby. My opinion is, it happens until your child is one years old. Ive given myself a master degree in “google search”. Multiple times, I have went into the grocery store to get groceries… I come back out to find my car, I’m digging through my purse to find my keys… having a panic attack, and I finally find my car without the keys…. Well, there’s my car… fully running with the keys in ignition. Yup. I just did an hour of shopping.

4. You might have trouble breastfeeding.

It’s like a job. The main thing I see people get irritated with is that their “real” milk hadn’t come in yet. Don’t worry, your babies tummy is about the size of a nickel those first few days. The first few days of milk is call colostrum. It’s a thick rich “pre-milk”. Your baby will cluster feed, but hang in there. Pop that boob right in the mouth and get ‘er done. Also, your nipples can crack. Boy does that hurt. Many creams to prevent that, however, you can squirt a little of your milk out and rub around your nipp.

5. Hard boobs!

Oh yes. I know, you’re thinking nice perky boobs… yes, yes and yes. But with PAIN. This is called engorgement. You may feel this sooner if you’re not planning on breastfeeding. Your milk ducts fill completely up. It’s like your boobs are about to burst. Don’t be surprised if milk squirts through your shirt. The pain goes under your armpit also. You can see the veins in your breast.

The good part is:

In the end, you have a beautiful healthy baby that depends solely on you. You get to raise this child how you want to. This baby will call you “mommy”. It’s a blessing, even with all 5 of those things I’m sort of happy to be able to experience it and actually have babies.

21 thoughts on “5 things they don’t mention after giving birth:”

  1. My daughter is 5 1/2 month and my hair is still falling out! I breastfed which got easier after the first month so I didn’t really go through engorgement but did experience leaky breast.


  2. The 💩💩 was probably the worse especially with a c section. I was in the bathroom for an hour trying to use the bathroom and not “strain” But definitely worth it


  3. My boobs were my biggest problem! They got so engorged and so big. They hurt so bad. So breastfeeding didn’t happen for me for too long. I breastfed my 3 girls for probably 3 weeks and stopped. I just couldn’t push through.


  4. My birthing experience was crazy . Left from the doctor and was told to go to labor and delivery for my high blood pressure and wound of having them that night. After having a csection I couldn’t walk , sleep I was in constant pain. My hair is just growing back and my twins are 10 months


  5. I definitely had trouble breastfeeding cause she just wouldn’t latch and it was just fustrating! I tried pumping and it lasted a week cause my milk dried up! I really I could have breastfed to have that bond!


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