Signs you’re dealing with a GROWN MAN…

Are you dealing with a grown man or a grown boy?

We always talk about ladies…

Is she a “thot” or a woman?

…Let’s talk about men…

If you’re dealing with a man, he’s going to help you out when he can. Not just when you’re unable to or need him to. ANYTIME he can …. Not just splurging and being financially irresponsible and trying to “buy your love”. I’m talking about if the grass needs cut, if the gas needs pumped, if you need groceries taken in the house. That’s the kind of stuff we like to see.

You can do all these little things yourself right? But what good is another spectator? Relationships and dating is team work right? So what grown man do you know is cool with just sitting in the stands and watching you while you do all the work?




FOR EXAMPLE: Cellulite, stretch marks, bonnets, you haven’t shaved in a little while…. haha i’m sure you’re reading this like “Oh no, you’re tripping” but listen… If you’re 10/10 mentally… shouldn’t you have some lead way for some physical imperfection?

When you’re a grown man, you understand some things occur naturally with age or kids or maybe she’s just to busy to want to start from scratch doing her hair in the mornings. BTW: This doesn’t mean the woman has let herself go. Just give her a break sometimes.

It’s only little boys who think women should be fresh out the plastic wrapper with their hair done 24/7, skin perfect, breast perfect, body perfect. It doesn’t work like that, homeboy.



Another thing…

If you get mad at your man, and he stays calm.. YOU PROBABLY HAVE YOURSELF A GROWN MAN. If you get loud and he gets loud, and you get a littler louder and he gets a little louder and he matches your emotions.. You’re dealing with a grown boy.

A man shouldn’t be in screaming match with a woman, for all that she could date her sister. A man should compliment her energy not mirror it.

A grown man is someone you can see yourself with for a long time and see yourself raising a child with potentially. Not someone that makes you feel like you need help raising HIM.


Ask yourself again… Are you dealing with a Grown Man or Grown Boy?

17 thoughts on “Signs you’re dealing with a GROWN MAN…”

  1. Girlllllll you better preach! Males out here quick to holler “I’m a man!” but are far from it! Nobody has time for that!


  2. i know when u dealing with boys, they just sit around all day, not thinking of the next move, for instance say we are at work and our man has a day off. if that man washes clothes for you, fold them , put them up, do dishes and have dinner taken out with out u even asking him hunty that is a man!! and i thank my man for taking the load off every now and then!! im done with “grown boys” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹


  3. Exactly I’m done with “grown boys” I wish ever “man@ could read this. But even if they do in sure it wouldn’t make a difference. Males are some weird creatures.


  4. My man loves my stretch marks. When I’m saying I’m not pretty or fat, he reminds me that I’m doing something no man can and I’m beautiful and he appreciates me for everything.


  5. I can not get over how true this is. 98% of the reason why I left damions dad. He is a grown BOY, only thinking about himself. I still have a little hope left on finding me a man. I seem to only attract the boys though, gotta work on myself I guess πŸ˜‚


  6. This is exactly 100% true especially when you were talking about physical imperfections. When I met my husband, I looked good after my son, I dropped weight instantly barely had any stretch marks and had a little butt and a little boobs. But after only a month or two of us dating I got the depo and started packing on weight instantly not to mention what it did to my hormones. And he stuck by me. And still though he thought I was the hottest thing in the world.


  7. I love this blog…. Tbh when it comes to mine he is mixed with a grown man and a grown boy. In some aspects he is very mature and an adult about situations but then in others he is very childish and acts like a little boy. But I think that is more of an inner issue within himself. That I couldn’t change no matter what I do.


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