Forgive and Let GO.

You can forgive people when you understand them..

You need to make a distinction between weakness and wickedness.

Some things that people do aren’t intended to hurt you, they hurt themselves and you were a victim of their weakness.

Its arrogant of you to act like you have no weakness of your own…

MAKE A DISTINCTION BETWEEN WEAKNESS AND WICKEDNESS, then you will understand that you cannot afford not to be forgiven.

Now let me go to the bible:

Matthew 5:7 Says, Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain MERCY.

When you ask for mercy, you have to understand that you’re guilty.

If I accuse you of something you did not do, in court you want justice.

You pray for justice.

If I accuse you of something you did do, in court you want mercy.

You pray for Mercy.

EVERYONE know they’re guilty of something…

Yet, you’ve received Mercy.


Your reason for not being forgiving of all things is because they’re guilty…

So are you.


10 thoughts on “Forgive and Let GO.”

  1. Sometimes you have to forgive and forget, if not how do you expect God to forgive you for your sins 🤷🏾‍♀️


  2. I agree forgivenesses is not just for them but for you it’s such a burden to carry and if that person was wrong be the bigger person or you just give them power in your life by carrying around that burden love this post took me awhile to get this when I was younger but it’s very important!


  3. Girl 🙄 I forgive and forget but for myself . No one is living a rent free space in my head and thoughts 🤷🏽‍♀️❤️


  4. I use to hold grudges forever but I had to learn in order to continue to stay blessed I had to forgive those who hurt me and let karma come for them without my involvement.


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