How is being a STAY AT HOME MOM HARD?


Photo from left to right: Carter, Mommy, Charles JR

Hmmm. This topic in particular is touchy to some folk, and i’ll try my best not to step on toes because that’s not my intention. However………………………..

Yeah, you may think “Man she stays at home with her kids all day, why is she tired?” or “She complains about staying in the comfort of her home and being able to watch all of her children’s milestones” or the famous “Why isn’t her house spotless, she doesn’t work”..

Hi, i’m Jade Edwards a stay at home mom. Let me answer these concerns with my opinions. Okurrrrt (Cardi B voice)… I’m always tired because I do not get that 15 minute smoke break you get (I don’t smoke)… Oh and that hour lunch you get to yourself, enjoying your meal in peace watching the birds fly in the sky etc…. Nope, I don’t get that. Instead during my lunch, I make lunch plates for my children …. but they still attack me for my lunch plate and I end up having to share with them…. Because come on… I cant decline those cute faces standing there with their mouth open wide yelling “AHHHHHHHH PLEASE MOMMY I WANT SOME”… 🙂 Let make this clear, I don’t COMPLAIN about being a stay at home mom. I know that I am truly blessed to be able to stay at home with my kids and teach them what I want them to know, and how I want them to be raised. It’s a blessing, I will admit that. What I complain about is the “ME” time and how people belittle the stay at home “job”.. yes I said job. It’s hard work.

“hArD wOrK?”

Yes! Haha, you think I just sit at home and watch them grow up and it’s such a beautiful thing (It is) … however…. that’s not all a stay at home mom does. We don’t get to return these kids when we’re tired of them. My one year old is growing 6 new teeth at ONE time… You think I get sleep at night? No.. Because it HURTS… I know his pain.. He stays up at night tossing and turning then he wakes up from his crib and he wants comfort because he’s hurting and all of a sudden these sharp things are coming out of his gums. BUT, guess who is up bright eyed with a bushy tail at 7:30 am ready to play? CARTER (My one year old)… So even though he had a rough night kept me up until 5:15 am I still have to get up and parent/adult. Change diapers, brush teeth, make breakfast… shower myself etc. Oh and then theres nap time….


Hahaha… The funny thing about that is, when the children are napping its when mommy gets things done.. like the loads of laundry, or since im a college student I will study/ research or do homework.. Oh lets not forget about picking up toys, cleaning dishes etc the regular daily cleaning that needs to be done… THATS WHY I CAN’T JUST NAP WHILE THEY NAP 🙂 ….



Welll wellll well….. aren’t you a smart one.

(NOT)… I’m not complaining about being a mother. I enjoy being a mother. I enjoy staying at home with my babies. But, a break here and there… Maybe a little adult interaction… and no, I don’t mean the adults on youtube singing ” Baby Shark”….



My babies are the joy of my life. I have an amazing husband who helps me when he is not on an army field rotation mission every other month for a month. I enjoy cleaning up after my children, feeding them, taking care of them and grooming them and showing them off. I know that I am truly blessed to be a stay at home mom.

I made this blog to inform others, don’t think stay at home moms have it easy. We don’t have it easy, BY A FAR. 🙂



Your girl Jade Edwards

Peace & Wine


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