About Me

Jade Edwards


Hmmm. Not to often I get to brag about myself…So allow me to introduce myself 😀

My name is Jade Edwards, i’m a hot mom/wife… Oh wait.. I mean… Naw… that’s what I meant! Anyways, i’m 24 with lot’s of sass and …. okay you get it. Lets move on…

I’m married to my soulmate. He’s the cream to my ice, the nut to my pea.. Okay that didn’t go as planned, but ya’ll get it. He’s my everything. He gave me two of the cutest little boys in the world. I’m not over exaggerating. BUT they are a hand full!!! I’ll be blogging about them later, stay tuned..

We live in Europe enjoying the wine and traveling. Who said you can’t travel with children? I’ll show you how.

To sum ME all up, I LOVE to have fun. I value my marriage, my family, and my education. I do believe there is a most high. I’m still learning the route to follow. I’m goofy and also gifted (You’ll read more about my gifts)…

I’m pretty crafty, I make customized shirts, wall décor, and anything I can monogram.

I LOVE to coupon, I will also show you my tricks and way to coupon at different stores.

Weight loss: I know I look like I don’t know how to lose weight, because i’m already petite. However, if you ever want to learn a few things… keep looking out.



I don’t remember where this photo was taken… i’ll do better.